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Outstanding Support

The role of the elearning tutor should be to provide the student with the opportunity to elearn, that is, to learn using the facilities and affordances of the online environment. The need to learn facts and information has been vastly reduced and the ability to find, manipulate, analyse, synthesise and re-purpose information has increased concomitantly. One of the key resources in developing these abilities is other people.

Gone are the threats that machines will replace teachers; machines can store, link and process information, but people transform it and add value to it. Tutors, mentors and online facilitators are now seen as the asset that makes all the difference to student retention, motivation and acceptance of elearning. Connecting with other people to share the load, to exchange tips and models for managing information, and to express ideas and give feedback, have become the essential elements of elearning methodology.

We at VGM Online University are devoted to making high quality information and resources available to all. Education and knowledge are essential to a prosperous world community, and we work tirelessly to contribute to the Internet as a learning environment.